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  • CRT Alert 001/2018

    04 January 2018

    Additional Super Guarantee remittance runs

    With an increased focus on Super Guarantee (SG) across the business community, we have forecast the ATO will receive an increase of SG Charge payments.

    To ensure prompt SG payments to employees' super funds we are introducing an additional SG remittance run to our monthly processing schedule.

    Over the next few months we'll assess the value of continuing these additional SG remittance runs in our future processing schedule.

    We've included dates for the extra remittance runs until March in the table below. Look out for future dates in our monthly Super Communique newsletter.

    Table 1 – SuperStream and ECI/Paper January–March 2018 SG processing schedule


    SuperStream date from

    ECI/Paper week start from

    SG Remittance

    Tuesday 16 January

    Monday 15 January

    SG Remittance – NEW

    Thursday 25 January

    Monday 29 January

    SG Remittance

    Tuesday 13 February

    Monday 12 February

    SG Remittance – NEW

    Friday 23 February

    Monday 26 February

    SG Remittance

    Tuesday 13 March

    Monday 12 March

    SG Remittance – NEW

    Friday 23 March

    Monday 26 March

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