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  • CRT Alert 010/2018

    2 March 2018

    Clearing house member registration request issue

    We have implemented a fix to solve an issue in which member registration requests (MRRs) from the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House failed to pass through gateways. We'll test this with industry partners overnight and provide another update around lunchtime on Monday 5 March to confirm its success.

    This means you may receive contributions payments through the clearing house for new members without receiving an MRR for that new member.

    If you received a payment without an MRR you should hold the payment if possible and wait for the MRR.

    If you must return payments you should follow normal processes and reject the payment using the appropriate error code.

    We have captured all failed MRR messages in our system and will resend them from early next week.

    Next step:

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