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  • CRT Alert 017/2018

    15 March 2018

    USM lodgment processing

    Since last week we've experienced an intermittent issue affecting a very small number of unclaimed superannuation money (USM) lodgments coming into the ATO which has resulted in delayed USM outcome responses leaving the ATO.

    We've been working directly with affected super funds and last week provided an outline of the issue to the SuperStream Implementation Working Group.

    We've now implemented remediation which allows us to monitor and process USM lodgments and send outcome responses.

    These arrangements will be in place from Friday 16 March and funds can resume submitting USM lodgments. Super funds must lodge all USM reports by 30 April.

    We would like to thank those affected funds for your patience and for working with us whilst we put remediation activities in place.

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