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  • CRT Alert 025/2018

    26 March 2018

    Update 5 – Clearing house issues

    Our technical teams worked continuously over the weekend to comprehensively investigate and continue work to resolve the issues affecting our ability to process some contribution transaction request (CTR) and member registration request (MRR) messages coming through the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House.

    We have made good progress and we've been able to start successfully sending more messages through to super funds. However, we are releasing these messages in a controlled way. We appreciate your continued patience and we thank our industry partners for working closely with us to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

    We began slowly releasing messages last night and have continued to do so throughout the day and into this evening. We are aware some of these messages won't be successfully processed because of issues we've fixed since they were generated. We will respond quickly to any errors to send you corrected messages.

    You should continue to hold payments until we're able to send you correct CTR messages. If you can't hold payments you should follow normal processes. We are meeting daily with the Superannuation Response Group and will discuss contingency plans if required.

    Issues we've fixed

    We’ve fixed the issue causing invalid TFN error responses for both CTRs and MRRs and we've successfully released all MRR messages. You may still receive CTR messages with TFN errors but we will quickly respond to those errors with corrected messages.

    Some gateways were unable to process some CTR messages because of the selection of an invalid unique superannuation identifier (USI). We are now testing a solution to ensure an invalid USI cannot be selected and to apply changes for messages we’ve already received so we can process them.

    We've also fixed schema validation issues in which some withholding payer numbers (WPNs) weren’t accepted and invalid characters were included in organisation names.

    If you experience any further difficulties with any of these issues, email

    Issues still outstanding

    We're making a series of changes to fix the issue causing a mismatch between actual payment amounts and the payment amount shown on CTR messages. We expect to complete these changes by Tuesday evening.

    We’ll provide continuous updates on outstanding issues each day via CRT Alerts until all issues are resolved.

    Next update

    We’ll provide another update by 7pm AEDT tomorrow.

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