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  • CRT Alert 029/2018

    29 March 2018

    Final MAAS BIG and T&Cs

    MAAS Business Implementation Guide

    The final version of the Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) Business Implementation Guide (BIG) is now available.

    In this final version we have:

    • expanded the terms and conditions section
    • included more detail around the use of the channel
    • clarified the use of returned data
    • included a table of message responses and errors
    • clarified your reporting obligations around changes to member's personal details.

    We will be replacing the existing draft BIG on in the coming weeks. In the interim, the final MAAS BIG is available on Let's Talk.

    Next step:

    MAAS terms and conditions

    A new MAAS terms and conditions (T&Cs) document has been developed and is now available.

    This document outlines the terms the conditions you must adhere to in regards to your usage of MAAS. We consider that by using MAAS you are acknowledging that you accept the terms and conditions of use.

    Please note that the terms and conditions have been incorporated into the BIG.

    Next step:

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