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  • CRT Alert 046/2018

    4 May 2018

    Updates to the Super Services Dashboard

    We are about to begin a series of updates to the Super Services Dashboard. These changes will:

    • address irritants and remove redundant information
    • improve functionality, useability and display of information
    • provide display of single and bulk processing volumes and performance
    • include new services, Fund Validation Services, Member Account Attribute Services and Member Account Transaction Services into the display.

    The improvements will be released into the Dashboard on a fortnightly cycle until June 29.

    The dashboard will be unavailable while improvements are deployed. Anyone logging onto the dashboard during this time will receive the 'site under maintenance' display page.

    The first release will occur tonight between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.

    While the functionality delivered in each release is still being confirmed and is subject to change, an indicative schedule of improvements includes:

    • Friday 4 May – security updates, sequencing of announcements
    • Friday 18 May – removal of SuperTICKv1 and SuperTICKv2 charts, allow date range selection for charts, increase data provided through API
    • Friday 1 June – include new services and outbound transactions
    • Friday 15 June – email subscription service
    • Friday 29 June – plotting improvements in graphs, improved feedback function.

    The changes to the dashboard will not impact on the functionality or performance of any super services in production.

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