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  • CRT Alert 065/2018

    16 July 2018

    Log in to check ATO Compassionate release notices

    As outlined in CRT Alert 058/2018, from 1 July 2018 the ATO took over release of super on compassionate grounds. The CRT alert also advised that funds will receive a simultaneous electronic copy of the approval notice when we approve a compassionate release application for your members. You will receive these ATO compassionate release notices via the portal file transfer function. Go to the file status screen to download your notice.

    How this affects you

    We have been alerted to a number of funds who have received their fund notification via portal file transfer but have not received the associated email notification.

    You should log into the portal file status screen to check if you have received any ATO compassionate release notices.

    If you have received a fund notice but have not received an email notification, you will need to set the email address for the notification on the Lodge file screen in the portal. However, to set the email address on this screen, it requires a file to be submitted. The file you are submitting doesn’t have to contain valid data, and it can be sent as a test.

    To set the email address:

    • Select Lodge file in the left hand portal menu
    • Select test
    • Select Browse and find a file to upload
    • Select Yes to send notifications
    • Enter the email address for the notification
    • Select Submit.

    Disregard any error message you receive when you submit the file, this submission will automatically update your email address.

    Choosing an email address

    The notification email address is recorded for your organisation rather than for a specific user within the organisation as only one email address can be stored.

    If multiple people in your organisation will be using file transfer to submit files or download ATO outbound files, it may be best to use a group email address that all users can access. If someone in your organisation has previously opted to receive notifications, the email address they entered will be shown.

    If the email address is changed, the new address will be used for all notifications, including any file validations in progress (which may have been requested by other users in your organisation) and files that we subsequently send through file transfer.

    If you use your personal email address, any reports sent by us through file transfer will go to your personal email address, not the organisation’s address.

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