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  • CRT Alert 071/2018

    8 October 2018

    Actioning TFN validation responses and correcting errors

    Through our continual interactions with industry the following guidance regarding your obligations to address the TFN validation and error responses you may receive after sending us your Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) submit messages has been provided.

    When you submit a message to us via the MAAS, you will receive a TFN validation response. When applicable you may also receive error codes in the response. Some of these responses and error codes will require you to take corrective action before re-submitting the message to us.

    TFN validation responses

    Below is a list of TFN validation responses you will receive and action (if required) to be taken by you:

    ATO Response

    What it means

    Action required

    GEN.OK+CMN.ATO.SPRMBRINFO.VALID Matched response (equates to s299TD notice)

    The TFN provided has been matched to the member.

    No action required.

    GEN.OK + CMN.ATO.SPRMBRINFO.VALID CORRECTEDTFN Matched and corrected response (equates to s299TA notice)

    The TFN provided is incorrect, but we were able to match the member’s details and returned the correct TFN.

    Update your records with the TFN supplied.

    GEN.OK + CMN.ATO.SPRMBRINFO.VALID CORRECTEDTFN Matched and correct response (equates to s299TC notice)

    No TFN was provided, however ATO were able to match the member’s details and returned the correct TFN.

    This is provided the member’s TFN has been ‘quoted for super purposes’ otherwise you receive a simply matched response and in this instance the matched response does not equate to a s299TD notice.

    Update your records with the TFN supplied.

    GEN.OK + CMN.ATO.SPRMBRINFO.NOT VALID Unmatched response

    The TFN provided does not match the details of the member in our systems.


    Where no TFN was provided we were not able to match the member‘s details.

    During foundation data load: you are not required to take any action.

    During real time reporting: you must take reasonable steps to determine if there is a material change or omission in the information provided.

    An unmatched response means:

    • The MAAS message has not been matched against the member in the ATO client register.
    • Subsequent MATS interactions will fail to be matched to the member, resulting in the contribution information not being included in calculations, including but not limited to the total super balance and co-contributions.


    A comprehensive list of the errors returned from the MAAS can be found in the current MAAS BIG (DOCX, 707KB)This link will download a file and the MAAS learnings document (current as of 21 September 2018). Most of these errors are warnings or informational and require some level of remediation by you.

    However, the errors detailed below will prevent the message from being processed in our systems. The information will not be displayed on ATO Online for your member to view nor will we be able to use it to interact with your member until you remediate the error and resubmit the message to us.

    Future versions of the documents can be found in the links below:

    Time frame for correcting unmatched responses and errors

    Your obligation to resolve unmatched responses and remediate errors is covered under s390-115 Taxation Administration Act 1953. You are required to report the correct information within 30 days of becoming aware of a material change or omission. In respect of a MAAS message, we deem that you will become aware of the material change or omission when you pull the responses from your gateway.

    Hence you will have 30 days to remediate and report the correct information for the following scenarios:

    • Unmatched responses during real time reporting: you must take reasonable steps to determine if there is a material change or omission in the information provided.
    • 'Please resolve' notices during real time reporting: an unmatched response received by you when you have provided a TFN in your message equates to a 'please resolve' notice and reasonable steps must be taken to resolve this response.
    • Validation errors: after receiving a technical receipt, where a message fails validation, it will not be processed. You will be required to correct the messages which failed validation before resubmitting it to the ATO.  For example, 10 transactions are lodged and four of those transactions failed, the four failed transactions will not be processed and will need to be corrected and resubmitted.
    • CMN.ATO.SPRMBRINFO.096604: the reported account belongs to a different account holder, hence this message will not be processed. You will need to either report the account as ‘closed’ under the different account holder, or contact the us to confirm the identity of the account holder. Remediation work will need to be undertaken before the MAAS message is resubmitted to us.

    If you have any concerns about meeting this timeframe, you are able to request further time to lodge the corrected message by contacting

    More information

    This information will be available in the Member Account Reporting and Validation chapter in the Fund Reporting Protocol shortly.

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