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  • CRT Alert 073/2018

    10 October 2018

    Member account transaction service (MATS) reporting in the Business Portal - Downsizing

    From 10 October 2018 super funds will be able to report the following two contribution types through the new MATS reporting form available through the Business Portal:

    • Non-employer transactions: proceeds from primary residence disposal (Downsizing)
    • Non-employer transactions: personal contributions.

    How do I access the form?

    For authorised staff to access the online form in the Business Portal, they need to have the right AUSkey permissions. You can assign AUSKEY permissions using Access Manager.

    Then, to access the form, login to the Business Portal, select Online forms in the left hand menu and then select MATS reporting. For information on how to complete the form, including the member and transaction details you will need, see the MATS reporting help pageExternal Link.

    Future MAAS and MATS reporting through the Business Portal

    Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) and the Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) reporting will soon be available through the Business Portal.

    From December 2018, a new online form Super fund member reporting will replace the MATS reporting form and allow funds to:

    • continue reporting downsizer and personal contributions
    • report MAAS and MATS transactions (limited functionality).

    From March 2019, improvements to the Super fund member reporting form will extend the functionality for MAAS and MATS reporting.

    We will update you on future MAAS and MATS reporting through the Business Portal when more information becomes available.

    Next Steps

    To report downsizer and personal member contributions:

    Please note any contribution you report via the online portal should not be included in your regular or catch up MATS reporting.

    See also:

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