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  • CRT Alert 087/2018

    MAAS and MATS reporting via the Business Portal

    From December 2018, Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) and Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) reporting will be available for some providers via the Business Portal.

    Providers intending to report MAAS and MATS via the Business Portal must contact us in advance.

    What is changing?

    A Business Portal solution will be available for providers in certain circumstances where it is not feasible to transition to MAAS and MATS reporting via SuperStream. This may include:

    • providers (or certain products) not SuperStream enabled – generally those with very low volume transactions where the build investment in SuperStream would not be reasonable (for example, those with some smaller registry systems)
    • providers requiring an interim solution where, due to timing issues are unable to transition to SuperStream until later.

    As advised in CRT Alert 073/2018, a new online form Super fund member reporting will:

    • allow some providers to report MAAS and MATS transactions
    • replace the current MATS reporting form in the Business Portal
    • allow providers to continue reporting
      • non-employer transactions like proceeds from primary residence disposal (downsizing)
      • non-employer transactions like personal contributions.

    When will the new Business Portal form be available?

    The Super fund member reporting form will be implemented in two releases from:

    • 14 December 2018 - a minimum viable product that enables reporting of MAAS and MATS (excluding some MATS Member Contribution Balance Amounts).
    • March 2019 - a more comprehensive user experience and introduced functionality to
      • view the most recently processed MAAS you have reported for your member
      • view a MAAS matching response
      • view MATS transactions you have lodged for a member and cancel or adjust those transactions (that is, pre-populated fields)
      • report all MATS Member Contribution Balance Amounts.

    What do I need to do?

    If you intend to report MAAS and MATS via the Business Portal and have not previously advised us, you need to contact us to discuss deferral of your MAAS reporting obligations and your on-boarding approach.

    If you intend to report downsizing contributions via the Business Portal we will approach this during our MATS on-boarding discussion with you.

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