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  • CRT Alert 012/2019

    8 February 2019

    We’re contacting your members about claiming personal super contributions deductions

    From 12 February we will be issuing emails and letters to individuals who we expect to make a personal super contribution deduction (PSCD) claim. The aim is to help them understand their eligibility and obligations, and claim correctly.

    The campaign will reach around 11,000 people who self-prepare their tax returns with emails issuing on 12 February, and letters issuing on 25 February. We have also published an article in the ATO’s Tax Professionals Newsletter reaching around 19,000 tax agents, providing details of common errors that can lead to PSCDs being disallowed.

    What this means for funds

    While we are providing links to our website for individuals to check their eligibility, your members may also contact you seeking guidance about their eligibility for a PSCD.

    Your members may also contact you about lodging a Notice of Intent to claim or vary a deduction for personal contributions form, or with questions about the acknowledgement letter that will be issued by your fund.

    Next step:

    • Email if you require an example copy of the emails and letters we are issuing, these may assist you and your call centres with any related member enquiries.
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