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  • CRT Alert 018/2019

    8 March 2019

    Reminder: Displaying fund name at unique superannuation identifier level

    In CRT Alert 090/2018, we advised that:

    • We will be making changes to ATO Online to display super fund product names at the unique superannuation identifier level (USI) level (rather than the organisation name).
    • This change will be rolled out progressively across the relevant ATO Online pages. This means initially, some ATO Online screens will display super funds at the USI level while other screens will continue to display super funds at the ABN level.
    • For SuperStream enabled funds, we will source the product name from the Fund Validation Service (FVS).

    In the Alert, we asked that you:

    • Check the product name on the FVS and ensure you are comfortable with how your product names are worded.
      • For example: If a product is referred to as “retirement fund”, consider amending the name to include a more personalised name such as “[fund name] retirement fund”. This may make it easier for your members to understand which product is being referred to.
    • If you are using a default USI, a product name cannot be derived from the FVS and the organisation name will continue to be displayed on ATO Online. In that situation, there is no action required by you in relation to the name being displayed.

    Next Step:

    • Our next deployment is commencing from 16-17 March 2019, therefore if you haven't already please undertake this check before product names start displaying on more screens from that date.

    We have reviewed the product names on the FVS and can see that some funds have already updated their names.

    Please note: If your members are not familiar with the product name listed on the FVS, this may make it harder for them to identify their accounts with you on ATO Online.

    How to make changes to the FVS

    • Funds need to use the lodge super product (FVSU) service to notify us of new or updated product details on the FVS.

    See also:

      Last modified: 12 Mar 2019QC 58204