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  • CRT Alert 026/2019

    MAAS & MATS Business Implementation Guides updates

    Based on feedback from super funds, we have updated the following Business Implementation Guides (BIGs):

    • Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) BIG
    • Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) BIG.

    The updates provide better clarity and guidance as you undertake or prepare for your MAAS and MATS deployments. The updates include immaterial changes to:

    • better align the BIGs to the message structure tables on such as the
      • structure and name of data elements
      • codified values
      • inclusion of two MAAS error responses (currently in the message structure table (MST)) that were not reflected in the previous MAAS BIG
    • better align the guidance in both BIGs around default values
    • insert hyperlinks to the new legislative instruments
    • modify some frequently asked questions with updated information
    • add guidance around cancelling transfer balance account reports through MATS where there is no MAAS
    • add guidance around reporting where a member only has one name.

    The Transaction Service Working Group has reviewed the updated BIGs, as per the change control process outlined in CRT Alert 065/2017.

    Next steps:

    • edited (tracked changes) versions of the BIGs are now available on Let’s Talk
      • Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) BIGExternal Link
      • Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) BIGExternal Link
    • refer to message structure tablesExternal Link via the SBR website
    • final (clean) versions will be available from 6 September on SBR's SuperannuationExternal Link segment of their website
    • email if you have any concerns regarding the updated documents.
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