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  • CRT Alert 026/2019

    MAAS and MATS reporting via the Business Portal - updated

    We have upgraded the Super fund member reporting form, available via the Business Portal, that enables reporting for the:

    • Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) and
    • Member Account Transaction Service (MATS).

    The updated Super fund member reporting form introduces interactive display features, prepopulated fields and a more streamlined interface that minimises keying errors. It also introduces visibility of member account information and transactions reported by your fund.

    The upgrades will allow you to:

    • view the most recently processed MAAS you have reported for your member
    • view a MAAS service response
    • view MATS transactions you have reported for your member and cancel or adjust those transactions using pre-populated fields
    • report MATS member contribution balance amounts that were not reportable in the previous version of the form.

    The Super fund member reporting form remains a singular transaction reporting channel.

    Next steps:

      Last modified: 26 Mar 2019QC 58397