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  • CRT Alert 031/2019 - Updated guidance on using the provision of details service

    We will be adding a new scenario to the Provision of Details Service (PODS) guidance.

    Our current advice and guidance on PODS limits its use to requesting information for a member who is lost or at risk of becoming lost. But after considering our obligations in relation to disclosure of personal information in light of the Protecting Your Super changes, particularly the changes to insurance, we will be adding a new scenario to the PODS guidance.

    Where a fund identifies that a member is impacted by the changes to insurance introduced by the Protecting Your Super package, the fund may use PODS to obtain current details of the member to contact and inform them of the impact the changes may have.

    This will help funds inform members of their superannuation interest and the impact legislative changes will have on that interest, assisting the member to choose whether to maintain or create a superannuation interest.

    Fund trustees must maintain adequate records to show they have considered the terms of use and guidance available on the use of PODS and their decision to use it in the allowable circumstances. We would expect this evidence to be produced if we conducted a review of the fund's compliance with the terms of use.

    We will update this advice in the MAAS Business Implementation Guide and our website content for PODS.

      Last modified: 28 May 2019QC 59078