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  • CRT Alert 036/2019

    Recent trustee communication issued to confirm USM lodgment information (including for new inactive low-balance accounts category)

    On 24 June 2019 we wrote to trustees seeking assurance that funds are ready for the changes under the Protecting Your Super Package and confirmation of some key lodgment information required by 19 July 2019.

    There are many lodgement obligations across the tax and super system due by 31 October 2019 which will be utilising the SBR2 channel including (but not limited to) from a super perspective:

    • Annual 30 June account balances reported via the Member  Account Transaction Service (MATS)
    • Unclaimed super money (USM) reporting for existing categories
    • USM reporting for the new inactive low balance account category

    The information requested will assist us in supporting this peak processing period.

    Next Steps:

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