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  • CRT Alert 041/2019

    ATO Compassionate release of super (CRS) approval letters

    We have been advised a number of funds are unable to release benefits to their members when presented with an ATO CRS approval letter due to the address details being different to the address on your fund’s system.

    As a result, individuals who are experiencing financial difficulty are waiting longer periods of time to access their superannuation to pay for urgent expenses.

    The majority of individuals often have tax agents appointed to manage their taxation affairs and as a result will have a different address with us, as to what is held by funds.

    Next steps:

    • When you are presented with an approval letter by an individual seeking a CRS release, it is advisable that funds complete your own proof of identity processes to confirm the individual. The address doesn’t need to match the address on your fund’s system in order to release the super.
    • Funds should use the ATO fund notification letter issued via the portal to validate the approval letter.
    • Where the approval letter and fund notice don’t match, email We will investigate these cases and advise what action you should take.
      Last modified: 05 Aug 2019QC 59828