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  • CRT Alert 020/2020

    Update – interest in coronavirus early release of super

    The CRT Alert 009/2020 issued Friday 3 April 2020 outlined that individuals are able to register their interest in the early release of super measure and we provided a first update of the total numbers of registrations.

    In terms of the number of people registering, this should be used as a high level indicator of volumes of those who may eventually apply for early release of their super only. Registration of interest does not mean an individual will later complete the application process.

    No further breakdown or analysis of the information will be provided. Please do not make individual requests for this information.

    As at the end of Sunday 19 April 2020 there was a total of 975,300 registrations of interest.

    This is the final update in relation to registration of interest numbers. Applications are now open and the registration of interest function has been removed.

      Last modified: 23 Apr 2020QC 62289