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  • CRT Alert 040/2020

    Updated SuperMatch terms and conditions of use and user guide

    Further to the joint ATO and APRA correspondence issued on 19 May 2020 and subsequent consultation, the ATO today wrote to all trustee to provide the updated SuperMatch terms and conditions of use and user guide (version 9).

    New SuperMatch terms and conditions of use and user guide

    Version 9 of the terms and conditions of use and user guide contain the following main changes:

    • Customer verification must be undertaken prior to SuperMatch being used – the terms and conditions of use and user guide outline
      • minimum level of customer verification required for both document and electronic based verification
      • when this customer verification renewal is required
      • an interim approach that can be used while funds move to implement the full required changes.
    • Further clarity on ensuring only trustees access SuperMatch and are accountable for any use of the service by their administrator/service provider on their behalf.
    • Ongoing obligations for trustees to ensure their connections remain complaint and periodically attest to that.

    Application and reconnection process

    The letter also provided further information about how funds can engage the ATO to establish connection to the SuperMatch service. As all connections are currently disconnected each trustee will have to engage with the ATO and provide requisite information and evidence to demonstrate their compliance with the new terms and conditions of use and user guide before their connection is established.

    To support the reconnection process, trustees will be required to complete an application form to ensure all the information and evidence the ATO requires to assess the trustee’s SuperMatch solution is compliant.

    Administrators can complete the engagement with the ATO on behalf of fund trustee clients if they have clear authority from each trustee and a statement from the trustee that they understand the terms and conditions of use and user guide for their solutions and declare they are compliant.

    Trustees, or their administrators should not engage the ATO and request reconnection to SuperMatch until they have completed the application and can provide all the required information for each SuperMatch process they use. Partially completed submissions will not be considered by the ATO and will be returned to trustees which will delay any reconnection.

    The ATO will commence reconnecting SuperMatch for approved trustees from 31 August 2020.

    Further information:

    To assist with industry understanding and awareness, the ATO will run a SuperMatch webinar on Wednesday 5 August 2020. 

    You can register for this webinar at: Introducing SuperMatch Terms and Conditions version 9External Link

    Further webinars will be held through August where there is demand.

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