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  • CRT Alert 047/2020

    Resources for SuperStream Rollovers v3

    We have launched a new SuperStream Rollovers v3 web page as a central repository for all onboarding and implementation documents. This new page will assist APRA-regulated funds and digital service providers (DSPs) in the transition to SuperStream Rollover v3 and SMSF DSPs in implementing SuperStream Rollover v3.

    The new SuperStream Rollovers v3 web page includes:

    • onboarding and implementation approach information
    • latest news
    • links to technical artefacts on software developers and SBR website:o
      • Rollover Standard v3
      • SMSF Verification Service (SVS)
      • SMSF member TICK.

    We will regularly update the SuperStream rollovers v3 page with the latest information up to and throughout the transition period.

    Next steps:

      Last modified: 12 Nov 2020QC 64160