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  • CRT Alert 013/2021

    Christmas shutdown notification

    From 11:30pm Australian eastern daylight time (AEDT) 27 December we will be undertaking systems maintenance until 7am AEDT on 4 January 2022. This maintenance period has been published on our Superannuation Dashboard.

    You should consider what reporting or activities you can lodge with us before the outage period starts.

    Availability of super services

    All services using the SRP channel will be unavailable during the maintenance period. This includes SuperTICK, SuperMatch, FVS, SVS and SMSFMemberTICK. Where possible you should speak to your digital service provider (DSP) to avoid sending messages to these services during this time as they won’t be processed.

    Batch and bulk services through the BBRP services can still be submitted and will be accepted by the ATO but will not be processed until maintenance is complete. This includes MAAS, MATS, SuperMatch and SuperTICK.

    The SBSCH and Online Services for Business will be unavailable for the duration of maintenance.

    Response to messages during the shutdown period

    The following services are not available during the maintenance period:

    • SuperTICK, SuperMatch, SVS, SMSFMemberTICK and FVS requests sent in SRP

    For requests submitted to these services you will receive an unknownerrorcode.unknown error message used for all previous system maintenance periods until the current maintenance is complete. No messages will be processed.

    MAAS, MATS, SuperMatch, SuperTICK sent through batch and bulk (BBRP).

    You will receive a technical receipt.

    • If you attempt retrieve validation or business responses via polling during maintenance you will receive an EBMS:0006 error
    • Description – there is no message available for pulling from this MPC at this moment.

    No messages will be processed until maintenance is complete.

    Resumption of services

    If maintenance is completed earlier SRP services will be restored to normal functionality. This will include SuperTICK, SuperMatch, SVS, SMSFMemberTICK and FVS.

    We will issue notification of completed maintenance through the Superannuation Dashboard.

    Batch and bulk services may commence processing of any stock-piled messages once maintenance is complete.

    SBSCH and Online Services will provide updates through maintenance pages if they return to operation before 4 January 2022.

    Ensure you and your staff monitor the Super dashboard and subscribe to receive notifications or updates throughout the maintenance period.

    Reporting timeframe requirements

    As MAAS and MATS will be available during the period, your ability to meet the five and ten day requirements will be unaffected.

    In line with APRA Frequently Asked Question 8, APRA funds and SMSFs are not required to report a breach of three-day rollover processing requirements for the full period of the published maintenance period.

    Manual Verification of SMSF member information

    While the SVS is unavailable for the scheduled maintenance, manual verification requests should not be sent to the ATO unless the fund does not hold the members TFN.

    Our office will close from midday Friday 24 December 2021 and reopen Tuesday 4 January 2022. Manual verification requests will start being processed from 4 January 2022.

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