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  • CRT Alert 004/2022

    Reporting COVID-19 re-contribution amounts

    On 14 March 2022 the functionality became available for you to lodge COVID-19 re-contribution information from your members.

    We’ve identified an issue which prevents the csv file being lodged with the recommended file naming in section 4.2 of the Recontribution of COVID early release of superannuation amounts guideExternal Link.

    While we work on a fix for this issue, you are still able to lodge the file by shortening your file name to less than 50 characters. For example, you could do this by removing the timestamp <yyyymmddhhmmss> from the recommended file name.

    We will issue a subsequent alert once this issue is resolved.

    We are also looking to include some further tips in the guide based on the experience of funds to date. These include:

    • Only saving the file to a CSV once all your data has been input into the Excel (xlsx) file for lodgment. This will ensure the formatting does not cause errors.
    • Using text format for any field required in the format ddmmyyyy (i.e. date of birth). This will stop the file removing the leading zero and causing an error.
    • Change the Contribution Amount field column to number format with 2 decimal spaces. Without this the file will remove the decimal points and an error will occur.
    • Change the B1 field to number format with 0 decimal spaces.
    • Save the file as csv and submit. If you reopen and save again you will lose some of the formatting described above and it will create errors.

    If there is an error with your file, the validation report (accessible through online services) will detail where the error has occurred.

    If you have further enquiries on this matter, lodge a request using the Super Enquiry Service.External Link

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