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  • CRT Service commitment review

    The Superannuation Client Relationship Team (CRT) provides a premium service to APRA Super funds and their administrators. We've updated our service commitment to include recent enquiry types such as Transfer Balance Account Report (TBAR) and Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH).

    You should use the below codes when emailing

    CRT data codes and service commitments

    ATO services (ATOServ)

    ATO Service commitment – ASAP.

    • Outages or performance issues with ATO services.

    Complaints and hardship (COMP)

    ATO Service commitment – three days.

    • Complaint cases before the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
    • Complaints raised by the Fund Trustee/Administrator
    • Early Release Superannuation Benefits.

    Data messages (DATA)

    ATO Service commitment – five days.

    • ATO contributions, aggregations or SuperStream messages
    • ECI RARN files
    • EFT payments without supporting correspondence/data messages
    • Small Business Super Clearing House data messages and payments.

    Member issues (MBR)

    ATO Service commitment – five days.

    • Division 293
    • FTECC, RENCC determinations or ECT, RECC notices
    • LMR or Provision of Address process matching
    • MAAS, MATS and MCS data, contributions, account status and balances
    • Incorrect Payment Variation Advice (PVA) or error response message
    • Release Authority Statements (RAS)
    • SuperMatch, SuperTICK, and TFN Matching
    • Temporary resident notification or incorrect payment
    • Surcharge obligations
    • TBAR, TSB, TBC and ETB data and reporting.

    Successor fund transfers and change of administrator (SFT/Chg admin)

    ATO Service commitment – 10 days

    • Successor Fund Transfer
    • Wind-up of an APRA fund
    • Involuntary superannuation account transfer
    • Change of fund administrator.

    Fund enquiries (FND)

    ATO Service commitment – 10 days

    • MCS, LMR and USM lodgment extension requests
    • GIC explanation and remission
    • Outcomes of fund lodgments
    • Requests for statements of account
    • Voluntary disclosures.

    All other enquiries or no code provided (OTH)

    ATO Service commitment – 10 days.

    Mutual expectations

    To ensure efficient resolution of issues the ATO and industry have established mutual expectations.

    Industry stakeholders

    Industry stakeholders have agreed to:

    • not escalate issues unless you first  
    • streamline email subject line content  
      • start with the appropriate code
      • limit each email to one code type
      • do not mark emails as urgent or otherwise
    • ensure message content includes all essential information to help the response timeframe  
      • admin name/ABN
      • fund name/ABN
      • sufficient member information
      • details of the issue
      • include relevant historic email content
      • your direct phone number
    • code emails according to enquiry type to ensure correct prioritisation
    • send emails only to Super CRT in the first instance, they will contact other ATO recipients on your behalf if or when necessary.


    We have agreed to:

    • action cases within agreed timeframes or provide an update on a delivery timeframe
    • support industry in resolving Superannuation Complaints Tribunal / Trustee complaint cases within three days
    • be mindful of issues and prioritise workflow accordingly. For example, prioritise extension of time to lodge requests when late system issues impact stakeholder ability to comply with a lodgment date requirement
    • use opportunities to personalise interactions and add value in the resolution of difficult or complex issues
    • negotiate and influence downstream stakeholders and subject matter experts to work towards resolution (or a timeframe for resolution of CRT escalations within agreed timeframes)
    • provide regular updates on achievement against service commitments.

    Mutual agreements

    Together we agree to:

    • review the effectiveness of this process through the Superannuation Administration Stakeholders Group (SASG)
    • take into account  
      • stakeholder feedback to improve the overall experience
      • changes delivered by the transition of  
        • ATO services to SBR2
        • SuperStream implementation
        • Member Account Attribute Services (MAAS) and Member Account Transaction Service (MATS).

    Keep up to date:

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