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  • Clients requesting super transfers

    Due to recent changes to ATO online we have identified an issue with fund to fund super transfer requests using overseas or unreliable addresses drawn from ATO systems. We have been unable to deliver these requests to the identified funds as the state and/or postcode fields are returning as blank in these scenarios. Approximately 1,500 clients have been impacted across 85 funds.

    To address this, we will be contacting clients with overseas or unreliable addresses that have completed a super transfer request on ATO Online since 14 March 2021, advising that they should contact their fund to complete the transfer.

    Funds are advised they could receive contact from impacted clients enquiring about the status of the transfer request or requesting a transfer. Funds are asked to support clients that contact them and complete a fund initiated transfer request.

    We intend to engage with funds on any proposed solutions to ensure we do not create any unintended consequences in resolving this recent issue.

    If you have further enquiries on this matter, lodge a request using the Super Enquiry Service.

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      Last modified: 16 Nov 2021QC 67319