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  • Common errors ATO receives through SuperStream messaging

    We have been receiving outcome/error response messages with incorrect information, missing essential data or no corresponding messages. These messages impact the following transactions:

    • Contribution Transaction Error Response (CTER)
    • Government Contribution Transaction Error Response (GCTER)
    • Government Contribution Transaction Amendment Outcome Response (GCTAOR)
    • Unclaimed Superannuation Money Outcome Response (USMOR).

    Incomplete or inaccurate reporting results in members payments being suspended and impacts the information displayed on ATO Online and further impacts for your members. This can also lead to complaints both to us and your fund.

    Some other errors include:

    • incomplete/incorrect data in relation to Refunds
    • messages and payments not sent on the same day
    • missing PRN or PRN does not match the response message
    • customised PRNs repeated during the past 12 months.

    Funds should have appropriate processes in place to ensure they are meeting their reporting obligations. This includes having monitoring processes in place to ensure any files missing technical receipts are resent in a timely manner.

    To help ensure messages and payments are processed by our system, you should reconcile your superannuation accounts; this can be done by downloading the statement of account (SOA) from online services for business (OSB).

    For any questions, please send the request via Super Enquiry Service.

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