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  • Common fund enquiries in October

    This month we have seen an increase in enquiries focusing on what funds are able to do with the member information we provide via the member account attribute service (MAAS) when a member is a ‘lost member’ or at risk of becoming a ‘lost member’.

    Guidance on how a fund can use this member information is contained in the Provision of member information chapter of the fund reporting protocol.

    How you use the information will depend on whether the member is currently considered lost according to the regulations, or if you consider the member to be at risk of becoming lost.

    Below is our response to this enquiry.

    When your member is considered at risk of becoming a ‘lost member’

    In the situation where you receive an address for a member from the ATO, attempt to contact the member at that address but do not get a response, can you report the member's status as ‘lost’?

    Legislation allows disclosure of information relating to an individual’s superannuation interests for the purpose of assisting a member to find all their superannuation. The recipient of this information can use it for reuniting purposes only.

    Consequently, any address information (electronic or non-electronic) that you receive from us when the member is not yet lost, can only be used for the purpose of locating the member. This data should only be used to update member records once the member has confirmed the address.

    If unable to engage with the member using the information provided, you will then need to separately consider if the member meets the definition of ‘lost member’ to update the member status to 'lost' in the MAAS approved form.

    Next step:

    • If you cannot find the answer on, the primary contact point for Lost Member queries is via

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