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  • Common September fund enquiries

    In August our newsletter featured common enquiries we've been receiving about Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) and Member Account Transaction Service (MATS). This month our focus turns to transfer balance account reporting (TBAR).

    The enquiry below is an example of issues that may arise when we are unable to match the member’s information you have reported, to information held on our systems.

    No record of a transfer balance cap event reported

    You asked us, 'what do we do when a member has contacted us and advised that the ATO has no record of a transfer balance cap event we reported in a previous transfer balance account report?'

    The most likely reason for this to occur is that there is an issue with the information that you have reported. It is likely this would be beyond the capacity of the member to resolve. In these circumstances, you should contact us via the Super CRT mailbox detailing:

    • the member’s details, such as name and account number
    • the event reported
    • the date it was reported
    • any records of the transaction.

    We will then work through the issue with you to resolve the matter.

    An example of what may cause this issue is if the member’s tax file number (TFN) has not been included by the fund when reporting a debit event in the member’s transfer balance account, or an incorrect TFN has been provided.

    In this situation we may not be able to use the other information provided to match the debit reporting to the member and our system will suspend the form. As the form has been suspended before being matched to the member, we can't readily identify the information should the member contact us for assistance. 

    Find out more:

    If you can't find the answer on the contact point for transfer balance cap enquiries is via

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