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  • Common issues arising from incorrect annual MATS reporting

    Funds are required to report annual obligations and balance amounts via the Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) by 31 October.

    To ensure accuracy, the annual MATS reporting must match the corresponding account information reported via the Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS).

    Funds should take care to avoid common errors in their reporting, including:

    • unlinked MATS reporting – reporting a MATS annual balance where there is no current corresponding member account information reported via the MAAS
    • mismatched member account identifiers – a mismatch between the member account identifiers used in MAAS compared to MATS. The most common reason for inconsistent account identifiers is removing or adding a space or leading zeros, to an identifier. The following three identifiers must match exactly for the MATS to link to a member account reported through MAAS
      • member account identifier number
      • unique superannuation identifier (USI)
      • Australian business number (ABN).

    If there is no MAAS for the member or there are mismatched identifiers, a member’s MAAS and MATS will not link up in our systems. This leads to a discrepancy between the member’s actual account position in your fund and what information we have and display to the individual in ATO online services.

    There are many superannuation calculations and processes that rely on the MATS annual obligations and account balance, so it is critical that they link to MAAS in our systems. Where funds fail to report accurately in MAAS and MATS, the impact on members can be significant because their ability to do the following is compromised:

    • withdraw monies under COVID-19 early release of super and other compassionate grounds
    • change their contribution pattern if the member is approaching or has breached their contributions caps
    • transfer/consolidate their super accounts
    • participate in the First home super saver scheme
    • receive super co-contributions and low-income super tax offset.

    What funds need to do

    Funds should ensure they have appropriate processes in place to meet their reporting obligations and take care to complete their reporting accurately.

    Funds are obligated to fix reporting errors. If funds need assistance with re-reporting, they should contact us to ensure accuracy.

    For any questions, email and type 'Member issues (MBR)' in the Subject line.

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