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  • Digital Service Provider (DSP) Operational Framework readiness

    The ATO has introduced new requirements for digital service providers (DSPs) using our services. These new requirements will also impact our superannuation services. The digital service provider industry is growing, witha diverse range of DSPs entering the market.

    The DSP Operational Framework helps us work together with DSPs to address the evolving risks associated with the use of digital products and services. The framework will help us ensure the integrity and security of the taxation and superannuation system for all Australians. By giving all participants confidence and certainty in a secure digital system, we will be able to continue to invest in and extend the services made available through our digital wholesale channels.

    The DSP Operational Framework requires new DSPs to be certified before they start interacting with our services, while existing DSPs will have to complete their certification within a specified timeframe.

    If you are already using or wish to use our superannuation services, you'll need to start the approval process by 1 June 2018. This process includes completing a questionnaire and an assessment of your reporting solution, and developing a remediation plan if necessary. We anticipate you'll be able to complete this process by 30 September 2018 and, if not, we’ll work with you to determine an appropriate timeframe.

    You can check which requirements will apply to you by reading about the requirements for DSPs on the Software developers website. If you've already completed the DSP Operational Framework interim assessment, you should contact your Account manager to discuss transitioning to the final requirements.

    Next steps:

    • If you have questions about the DSP Operational Framework or your requirements, contact your Account manager or email

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