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  • Discussion paper on duplicated accounts included in Total superannuation balance

    There's currently a known issue where an individual’s Total superannuation balance (TSB) has duplicated accounts. This error is caused by our systems being unable to match Member contribution statements (MCS) and Transfer balance account report (TBAR) forms.

    Total superannuation balance is calculated using amounts from both MCS and TBAR. To avoid duplication of amounts included on both forms, our systems use a matching process. We've identified seven reporting scenarios where an amount is duplicated due to MCS and TBAR not matching.

    This duplication results in an inflated TSB displayed for the member on ATO Online.

    We've drafted a discussion paper setting out these scenarios and to advise funds of the remediation required to correct their member’s TSB calculation.

    This paper has been published on ATO Let’s Talk with a discussion board to allow for an open dialogue.

    Next steps:

      Last modified: 20 Apr 2018QC 55160