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  • Funds role in SuperStream – delivering event-based reporting success

    During the Superannuation Engagement Forum in June, we featured a panel to provide implementation updates on event-based reporting.

    Superannuation Assistant Commissioner Jason Lucchese spoke about our move to event based reporting and how the genuine collaboration of Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and industry has been paramount to the successful introduction of two important services for the superannuation system.

    'Our Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) and Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) services are no longer concepts or a design, but a reality and collectively we've been able to achieve a lot in a relatively short amount of time – what is truly transformation change', Mr Lucchese said.

    He offered additional comments about the design of the services.

    'We have looked at designs and collectively said we can do something better, something more enduring. Something that is more relevant to the future, rather than the right design at the time.'

    He said as with any large program there will naturally be lessons learnt from both the ATO perspective and industry.

    'We have and will continue to share those learnings as steps for this important program of work.'

    Mr Lucchese said our collective success is dependent on all partners in the value chain, working effective.

    'My message for you is to consider what is your role and what is your call to action. Your engagement and working with us through the onboarding stage is critical.'

    Watch our panel video for more discussion on:

    • SuperStream design, readiness and implementation
    • SuperStream data standards and enabling services
    • super implementation for standard business reporting (SBR).

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