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  • Heard about the AUSkey replacement?

    From late March 2020, you'll no longer be able to use AUSkey or Manage ABN connections (your myGov account linked to your ABN) to access government online services.

    These credentials will be replaced with two new digital services:

    • myGovID: the Australian government’s digital identity provider which makes it easy to prove who you are online.
    • Relationship authorisation manager (RAM): allows you to link your myGovID to an Australian business number (ABN) and act on behalf of a fund online.

    Together, myGovID and RAM provide a quick, easy and secure way to access government online services.

    There are a few things you can do to get ready before you make the move, including checking and updating your:

    This will ensure RAM uses the correct information; for example, when using the 'Import AUSkey users' function, which allows you to transfer the permissions (granted in Access Manager) and preferences of existing AUSkey users.

    RAM is also connected to Access Manager, allowing you to authorise a person to act for a business using RAM and to set their permissions for our online services in Access Manager at the same time.

    Find out if you’re eligible now to start using myGovID and RAM.

    AUSkey will continue to be supported while you make the move to myGovID and RAM.

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