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  • Improving SuperStream Release Authority Reporting

    Release Authorities have been issuing through SuperStream for over 12 months and the ATO is still receiving responses using incorrect error codes and information which leads to delays in processing and impacts on members.

    This relates to both Release Authority Error Response (RAER) and Release Authority Statement (RAS) messages.

    Reporting incorrect information can have negative consequences for your member which may result in incorrect assessments being issued by the ATO.

    Correct codes to use when lodging a RAER


    RAER error code to use

    Where you do not have any record of the member identified in the Release Authority

    SUPER.GEN.GEN.21 - Member not found with supplied information

    Where you can identify the member, however they no longer have an open account

    SUPER.GEN.GEN.22 - No Longer a member of Superannuation entity

    Where the member has an open account, but you are unable to release due to it being a defined benefit interest or non-commutable income stream

    SUPER.GEN.RLVR.6 - Rollover could not be processed due to rules within the receiving fund. Contact fund for details

    Where the member has an open account, but you are unable to release for any other reason (such as the account is recently opened with no balance, or subject to a court order)

    SUPER.GEN.RLVR.9 - The account for the provided member identifier has been closed

    In the Release Authority Statement, you need to report the correct values in the SuperannuationRollover.RemainingBenefit.Indicator field. If you are making a partial payment and lodging a RAS this field should be set to

    1. TRUE – if the remaining interest cannot be released due to it being a defined benefit or non-commutable. Note you should have previously reported the interest as DB via a MAAS

    2. FALSE – where there is no more money available in the members account.

    We encourage you to review your processes to ensure your reporting is accurate and remediate any deficiencies in a timely manner.

    For assistance with reporting obligations, lodge an enquiry using the Super Enquiry Service. You can also refer to the rollover user guide (PDF, 880KB).This link will download a file

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