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  • Inactive low-balance account reporting for 31 October 2019

    Reminders to help you meet your inactive low-balance account reporting obligations

    • Use unclaimed super money (USM) reason code 'P' to report both inactive low- balance accounts (ILBA) and insoluble lost accounts via SuperStream rollover messaging.
    • Where you haven't reported the member as lost via the member account attribute service (MAAS) before paying them as an insoluble lost account, complete the template ‘ILB interim reporting – lost members not reported in MAAS templateExternal Link’ and lodge it via the data transfer facility (DTF).
    • If you don't have any ILBA to report you can lodge the non-lodgment advice by completing the NLA template. Choose non-lodgment reason I – no inactive low- balance. You can lodge this template via the business portal.
    • Where the member has declared they're not a member of an ILBA, you must report the member’s details to us using the Inactive low-balance account - Declaration templateExternal Link via the business portal before lodging and paying the USM statement. You don't need to include the declaration form received from the member.

    Reminders for statements due on or before 31 October 2019

    • The payment reference number (PRN) in your USM statement data message must match the PRN in the associated payment message.
    • The payment amount must match the payment amount reported in the USM statement data message.
    • You must complete all mandatory fields correctly (including account identifiers), as incorrect reporting will impact members receiving their super monies.

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