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  • MATS reporting with tips for ensuring successful cancellations via your MATS SBR service

    Funds are required to report member contribution data within 10 business days of the event or allocation to a member’s account by using the Member Account Transaction Service (MATS).

    When reporting MATS transactions for a member please ensure:

    • a Member account attribute service (MAAS) has been successfully reported for the member account
    • all original information reported in the MAAS are identical to what is being reported on the MATS, for example the ABN, USI and member account identifier.

    Tips for ensuring successful cancellations via MATS SBR service:

    • the information on the cancellation must be identical to the original MATS – except for the cancellation indicator which must be set to Y
    • if an existing account is being transferred to a new member and any MATS reported for the previous member require cancellation, you should cancel those MATS transactions before reporting the new open account for the new member.

    Funds should have appropriate processes in place to ensure they are meeting their reporting obligations.

    For assistance with reporting obligations, lodge an enquiry using the Super Enquiry Service.

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