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  • Made a TBAR reporting error? Here's how to cancel it

    When you've made an error in your transfer balance account reporting (TBAR), you need to cancel the original event.

    There are several ways to do this. Find the best method for you.

    Cancel via bulk data exchange (BDE) or Online services:

    • Lodge a new form exactly how you originally reported it (including the incorrectly reported information).
    • Use the TBAR Cancellation field to indicate the form is being lodged as a cancellation of a previous form - this helps us match your cancellation request to the original lodgement.

    Cancel via the member account transaction service (MATS):

    • Cancel a MATS transaction using the transaction ID. 
    • Our systems identify which TBAR transaction to cancel based on the information reported through the cancellation request.
    • Whether the transaction was identified and cancelled will be written in our response.

    Cancelling duplicate lodgements:

    • If there has been an incorrect duplicate lodgement, cancel the most recent lodgement. This will leave the original processed form.

    If you've made a mistake and need to undo the effects of a previous cancellation, don't try to withdraw it by lodging another cancellation request. Instead, send us a new report and make sure it contains the original information.

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