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  • Member Verification Service is no longer available

    The online Member Verification Service (MVS) closed on 24 September 2021.

    To assist funds with their requirements to validate self-managed super funds (SMSFs) and member details when processing a rollover to an SMSF we have implemented the SMSF Verification Service (SVS).

    The SVS will verify:

    • the status of the SMSF (Complying or Regulated)
    • the TFN of the member requesting the rollover who is associated with the SMSF
    • no verified date of death exists for that member
    • SMSF bank details are held by the ATO
    • the electronic service address (ESA) is held by the ATO.

    Note: The ESA information must be provided to funds by the member or their SMSF when they request the rollover. Where a fund has used the SVS they should refer to the SVS Business Implementation Guide on how to manage responses.

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