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  • Monthly Communique February 2017

    6 February 2017

    Provision of updated addresses program

    The latest client contact data for the provision of addresses (POA) process will be available in the data transfer facility (DTF) in the week commencing 13 February 2017.

    Registered users of the DTF will receive an email when their data has been loaded. The data will be available for a maximum of 21 days.

    The extracts contain the latest ATO address, telephone and email details we hold for your members (from their 2016 income tax return) who are either lost – inactive or lost – uncontactable.

    We will provide details of members who are deceased or aged over 65 in separate spreadsheets. Please note some of this information may be duplicated in a number of spreadsheets because of the data extraction process.

    Based on your feedback, we will provide client TFNs where they were previously quoted for superannuation purposes. This information should only be used as an extra identifier to find your members.

    What you need to do

    Please tell us if:

    • you wish to receive data for additional funds you administer
    • if there has been a change to authorised users
    • if user email addresses have changed.

    When we provide you with a new address for a lost member, you may update your members’ lost status where the following conditions exist:

    • where the member's situation is lost – uncontactable, the member can now be considered found
    • where the member's situation is lost – transferred, the trustee must verify the member's address
    • where the member's situation is lost – inactive, the trustee must verify the member's address
    • where the member's situation is lost – inactive and uncontactable, the trustee must verify the member's address
    • where the member is deceased, funds will be sent data regarding member details where the ATO has been advised that they are deceased. If the date of death is available this will also be passed on to you. Where you are unable to identify or locate the beneficiary you are required to send the money to the ATO as unclaimed super. Note: Where the fund fails in its duty it commits an offence
    • where the member is over the age of 65, data will be sent to you to determine where they should be reported and paid as unclaimed super money.

    For more information

    You can find out more about lost members in the Lost members register protocol.

    If you have questions about the data transfer facility, call 13 28 69 and ask for extension 64004 or email

    For any other questions, email CAS-LMR&

    Section 20C notices (Former Temporary Resident)

    We will soon commence issuing Section 20C notices for the period 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2016 with a due date of 1 May 2017, as the 30th of April is a Sunday.

    Deferral and revocation requests

    Lodgement and payment deferrals for Temporary Residents should be made before any other USM statements are lodged for that period.

    If a fund wishes to request a lodgement and payment deferral for any component (e.g. small lost members, temporary residents) of a USM period they must request that deferral prior to any lodgement for that period.

    For example, funds are unable to lodge and pay for temporary residents and then ask for a deferral of small lost members, and vice versa.

    Revocation requests for notices issued for individuals believed to have been incorrectly identified as former Temporary Residents should be lodged as soon as possible so we can investigate the matter and revoke the notice if appropriate.

    Surcharge assessment run May 2017

    Member Contribution Statement (MCS) and Assessment Variation Advices (AVAs) need to be received by the ATO no later than Friday 17 March 2017 in order to be included in the May 2017 Surcharge run.

    AVA’s should be lodged electronically wherever possible using Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI).

    Information about lodging AVA’s electronically can be found on the software developers web pageExternal Link. We encourage you to refer to the Outcome of Lodgement ReportExternal Link if you experience any difficulties in lodging. If you are still unable to lodge please contact with full details of the problem or errors presented when trying to lodge electronically and where possible we will assist you through the process.

    AVA's lodged outside electronic channels are unlikely to meet the cut-off requirements for the May 2017 Surcharge Assessment run as the ATO's service commitment to process these forms is currently 50 business days.

    Member information eXchange (MiX) Service design

    The ATO circulated a draft MiX Service matrix in November 2016 to provide guidance to industry on the machinations of the MiX Service and to receive feedback.
    Common questions received and our responses have been published on SuperStream standard External Link.

    Further consultation with industry will be conducted during February to assist in finalising the technical documents.

    Government to Business (G2B) rollover version 2 implementation update

    Following completion of two successful USM remittance runs in production in December 2016 and January 2017 the ATO has now completed the business deployment verification exercise and can confirm successful implementation of the G2B release.

    Both USM runs were fairly significant in size and dollars ie:

    • 9 December 2016 – approx 12,000 members; $11million
    • 19 January 2017 – approx 14,000 members; $15million

    Unfortunately we did experience some issues as a result of the ATO systems outage which impacted our customers in December. Whilst reconciliation of USM took longer than expected, we can confirm that all monies have now been accounted for and necessary exceptions are being managed as part of our business as usual processes.

    Prior to the outage ATO had undertaken and closed out on G2B testing with 134 funds or 93% of industry. Unfortunately we then lost access to the EVTE (External Vendor Testing Environment) and due to the extent of system restoration activities the ATO will now need to resume discussions with remaining funds about revised test plans.

    ATO is currently working to on-board gateways into the new EVTE environment over the next few weeks and is expecting EVTE to be available for funds to use from the beginning of March 2017. Funds that have not cutover to production yet or those not able to receive USM in the standard will continue to receive USM through the previous process.

    In December we also conducted a Post Implementation Review (PIR) of the Rollovers testing, readiness and implementation activities. Based on that feedback we are looking to implement improvements to our testing and communication processes as we move into the Contributions V2 testing and readiness process. We will be able to share further information on this and other recommendations from the PIR when that report is finalised.

    Contributions version 2 update

    The Contributions Standard v2.0 must be implemented by all RSE licensees as follows:

    • business-to-business (B2B) by 1 May 2017
    • government-to-business (G2B) by 31 August 2017

    From May 2017 the ATO will begin making government contributions to super funds in the SuperStream Standard.

    The ATO will provide a transitional period for implementing G2B changes from 1 May until 31 August 2017.

    A small number of trustees have requested approval to extend implementation of the B2B changes to the same date as the G2B changes 31 August 2017. We will be determining the impact of this request through the SuperStream Technical Committee prior to providing a response.

    Trustees were asked to provide their level of readiness for the testing phases and system changes for G2B, B2B and SuperTICK3 by 27 January 2017.

    Please complete the SuperStream Contribution V2 Fund Readiness DatesExternal Link spreadsheet if your fund has not already done so.

    Connectivity testing for the EVTE (test) environment is underway. Fund testing for Contributions V2 is expected to start in March 2017.

    Queries may be emailed to

    Departing Australian Superannuation Payment (DASP) for working holiday makers (WHM) consultation

    As a result of the Better working holiday maker tax arrangements there has been a change in the DASP rate for WHM from 1 July 2017.

    There will be two rates of tax for super funds to withhold when making a payment of super to former temporary residents, depending on whether they are considered a WHM (visa subclasses 417 and 462).

    The ATO is currently consulting with super funds on the development of a process to implement the changes from 1 July 2017. If you would like to participate, please email us at

    Superannuation Guarantee Legacy System decommission

    We plan to consolidate all Superannuation guarantee processing in to the Integrated Core Processing (ICP) system by March 2017, and will decommission the current legacy system by November 2017. Further information will follow in regard to final dates for processing.

    We ask that super practitioners complete all Superannuation payment variation advices (PVA) as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing.

    You should complete the Superannuation payment variation advice (PVA) to notify us that you cannot accept credit payments provided by us on a remittance advice for one or more super provider members.

    We will also be making contact with some funds who have not yet presented cheques which have issued from our legacy system, as these will need to be finalised prior to decommissioning.

    ATO Superannuation Dashboard: API now available

    Service information available via the ATO Superannuation DashboardExternal Link can now be integrated into third-party systems with the release of our Application Programming Interface (API).

    Software developers can use the API to incorporate Dashboard features into their software, including:

    • announcements
    • service status for SuperTICK versions 1, 2, and 3 and SuperMatch2
    • planned system maintenance.

    The API Integration Design documentExternal Link available under Useful Links on the Dashboard explains how to use the API for machine-readable applications.

    The ATO Superannuation Dashboard provides near-real-time response rates and availability information for superannuation enabling services.

    CRT – working with you

    To ensure we have all the information required to process your requests and to reduce the need for us to seek additional information from you please review the information below and ensure the relevant details are contained in your initial request to us.

    We aim to process your requests in a timely and efficient manner and by providing this information we can continue to work together to improve this process.

    Essential information:


    • Administrator/Supplier name
    • Administrator/Supplier ABN

    and / or


    • Fund/Provider name
    • Fund/Provider ABN
    • Fund USI

    Contact name and direct phone number of person requesting information (if in Australia)

    Additional information as relevant to your enquiry:

    MEMBER IDENTIFIERS (if enquiry relates to a member):

    • Name
    • DOB
    • Member account number

    ATO ACCOUNT TYPE the enquiry relates to (e.g. USM, SHA, SG, DASP)


    • name of system / form (e.g. SuperMatch2, DASP Online, EPF, STICK, PVA, MCS, LMS, FVS)
    • date submitted


    • reference number
    • date submitted

    ATO Reference, if applicable

    Monthly superannuation remittance and recovery processing schedule

    The ATO superannuation processing schedule for February 2017 is outlined below

    February 2017

    Week Commencing

    Low Income Superannuation Contribution (LISC) recovery

    Monday 06 February

    First Home Saver Account (FHSA) remittance advice

    Monday 06 February

    Co-contributions Remittance

    Monday13 February

    Super Guarantee recovery notice (ICP)

    Monday 13 February

    Super Guarantee remittance advice (ICP)

    Monday 13 February

    Superannuation Holding Account special account (SHAsa)remittance advice

    Monday 20 February

    Unclaimed Super Monies (USM) remittance

    Monday 20 February

    Low Income Superannuation Contribution (LISC) remittance advice

    Monday 20 February

    Co-contributions recovery

    Monday 27 February

    Low Income Superannuation Contribution (LISC) recovery

    Monday 06 March

    Unclaimed Super Monies (USM) remittance

    Monday 06 March

    Co-contributions Remittance

    Monday 06 March

    First Home Saver Account (FHSA) remittance advice

    Monday 06 March

    Client Relationship Team (CRT)

    Superannuation Product Management

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