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  • New tool to help you and your clients

    The ATO online services simulator is now available, making it easier than ever for your members to discover the self-help superannuation features and functions on ATO’s online services.

    The simulator is an interactive online tool that replicates ATO online services for individuals. It is mobile optimised and can be accessed on most devices, platforms, operating systems and browsers.

    It’s simple and intuitive to use – just choose an appropriate scenario from the available options and the simulator will create a replicated view of ATO online services using mock data to populate the screens. Members can walk through the steps to view a mock-up of super accounts, check super balances, consolidate their super and more.

    Next step:

    • If you need to demonstrate something to a client, or know someone who'd benefit from learning how to use ATO online services try the simulator.

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      Last modified: 18 Nov 2019QC 60634