• Transforming ato.gov.au

    Our upgraded site will make things easier for you – and it is just the start of a new era of continuous evolution for the site, driven by feedback, user needs and changing technology.

    Changes include:

    • Improved navigation – as part of the super industry, you’ll get a dedicated own ‘mega menu’ of relevant topics when you hover over the Super menu tab.
    • Improved search results – which will flag any new content, show the date when content was last updated, and will include relevant social media posts and videos. We’ve also prepared a guide to smarter searching which offers some tips to increase your chances of finding what you’re looking for on ato.gov.au.
    • A better experience on mobile devices – you’ll find the site easier to use on all your devices, with larger touch-friendly buttons, user-friendly mobile menus and larger text.
    • New look – we’ve introduced an uncluttered design with a simplified layout to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.
    • atoTV – there is no need to view our videos through YouTube – you’ll be able to watch them on our site, minus the ads.
    • Improved content – our new content model includes a new topic homepage that lets you get a feel for topics at a glance and, where relevant, you can go straight to the page you need to complete a task.

    All the features, tools and information you currently use on ato.gov.au will still be available, but in an easier-to-use format. We’re not introducing a new site, just improving our current site to meet your needs.

    You’ll find more on the transformation of our website here:

      Last modified: 10 Sep 2015QC 46891