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  • Payment of unclaimed super money for a person who has died: what you need to know

    When we receive an application for payment of USM that you transferred to us for someone who has died, we'll contact you for information to help us process the application.

    We need to establish whether you:

    • were the holder of the money at the time of the member’s death; or
    • would have been obligated to pay the member's benefit to a specific or nominated person under a binding death nomination.

    The nature of these applications is sensitive and we need to finalise them as soon as possible. We require your assistance to ensure we can do this.

    Next steps:

    • Because the application is sensitive, please provide the most appropriate contact email address for us to send our information request.
    • Forward details of this address, if it's different from the email address you've provided previously, to
    • Please respond to any requests received with priority.

    Keep up to date:

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