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  • Reconnecting SuperMatch

    SuperMatch was temporarily disconnected on 16 May 2020 following reports of concerning usage behaviour. Along with other government agencies, we met with industry representatives through the Superannuation Administration Group to discuss options for improved controls to ensure appropriate use of SuperMatch.

    On 31 July 2020 we issued version 9 of the terms and conditions of use and user guide, as well as wrote out to trustees of large funds regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). The key changes in version 9 of the terms and conditions of use and user guide are:

    • customer identity verification must be undertaken prior to a SuperMatch request
    • requirements that trustees ensure there is ongoing monitoring of the use of SuperMatch and provide periodic confirmation to us of ongoing compliance in using the service
    • further clarity on the requirement that only trustees can use SuperMatch
    • an interim approach that can be used for a time for pre-existing members.

    Trustees wanting to reconnect to the SuperMatch service must complete an application and provide adequate evidence to demonstrate their solutions and processes are compliant with the updated requirements.

    We have started to receive and assess applications. Approved trustees will have access to SuperMatch re-established from 31 August 2020 or as their application is approved moving forward.

    For further information in relation to SuperMatch, the new requirements or the application process, contact

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