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  • Reminder to keep your fund supplier details current

    Your fund supplier details determine the destination for our correspondence, including non-SuperStream electronic files, so it is important to keep these details current. Experience from the COVID-19 early release of super measure highlighted that some funds could not access files in a timely manner because their fund supplier details were incorrect or out of date.

    Fund supplier details are no longer automatically updated from information provided in lodgments and cannot be updated via the Business Portal. If fund supplier details need to be updated, an authorised fund/trustee contact should email and provide the following information:

    • new supplier name
    • new supplier Australian business number (ABN)
    • new supplier email address
    • new supplier postal address
    • new supplier contact person.

    Our systems allow only one supplier ABN to be used and we cannot send correspondence to different destinations on a unique superannuation identifier basis. Where a fund has more than one administrator, you (or your current supplier) need to ensure any correspondence is distributed to the right entity.

    You also need to ensure your current supplier has the appropriate permissions granted in the portal. Once permission is granted, suppliers can download or view electronic files for the fund by selecting File transfer then File status. When a file is made available, recipients are notified by email (if you have chosen this option).

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