• New certification values added to FVS

    In order to support Rollovers and Contributions V2.0 and government rollovers and contributions in the Standard, new certification values have been added to the Fund Validation Service (FVS).

    The values for Certification details are:

    Certification value



    Has not achieved certification for rollovers or contributions


    Finished induction for Rollover V1.0

    ‘CONT 1.0-X’

    Finished induction for Contributions V1.0


    Finished induction for Rollover V2.0 (including all error messaging)


    Finished induction for Government Rollover V2.0 (including all error messaging)


    Finished induction for Contributions V2.0 (including all error messaging and amendments)


    Finished induction for Government Contributions V2.0 (including all error messaging)

    Funds will need to provide assurance they are certified to receive SuperStream standard messages for rollovers (ROLL) and contributions (CONT), the version of each standard they are certified for, and the type of certification obtained.

    Funds should list their highest level of certification. For example, a fund completes induction for ‘ROLL2.0-X’ after previously completing induction for ‘ROLL1.0-X’. The fund will need to update the FVS and update their certification from ‘ROLL1.0-X’ to ‘ROLL2.0-X’.

    The certification values are backwardly compatible. Having a certification value of ‘ROLL2.0-X’ means the fund has also completed induction for ‘ROLL1.0-X’.

    Where a fund does not provide a value for contributions, they are unable to receive contributions in the Standard.

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      Last modified: 26 May 2016QC 49110