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  • Super Enquiry Service is now available to all funds

    The Super Enquiry Service is a contemporary web-based service for online enquiries. This service has been extensively tested with numerous funds since February 2021 and will be the preferred channel for fund operational enquiries over the Super CRT mailbox.

    There are several advantages to onboarding with the Super Enquiry Service:

    • increased visibility allowing you to monitor the progress of enquiries in real time
    • greater security allowing a more secure and effective transfer of sensitive data, replacing the Data Transfer Facility (DTF).

    Funds and administrators who have not already onboarded are encouraged to transition to the Super Enquiry Service by 1 October 2021. From 1 October, we will begin contacting funds who have not onboarded and will assist them to do so. The Super CRT mailbox will only be available for entities who are unable to access the service or as a backup channel.

    You can access our User Guide to onboard to the Super Enquiry Service from the link in 'See also'.

    For support with your transition to the new, more contemporary online service, contact the Super CRT mailbox.

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