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  • Super insight

    This new, occasional update is intended as a ‘snapshot in time’ way of keeping you in touch with the ATO’s perspective of what’s happening in super.

    The fundamental goal of our super system is to provide Australians with financial independence in retirement. The more informed and confident people can be in managing their super, the better their retirement outcomes will be, whether as members of a super fund or an SMSF.

    One of our big goals is to make information about super accessible so we’re working towards access and visibility across all accounts and super services. This is fundamental to people’s ability to manage and monitor their retirement savings.

    Our interactions across the super system encompass different roles, responsibilities and expectations, and we appreciate that expectations vary – from reliable digital information services and innovative administrative arrangements, to regulation and advice that ensures certainty and fairness in how we administer tax and super laws.

    While we’ve long worked in tandem with industry, on measures such as SuperStream for example, we also work in an integrated ecosystem with our co-regulators APRA and ASIC. This continued and close collaboration enables us to build a super system focused on the future and reflecting a whole-of-system view.

    During periods of significant reform, as service provider, adviser and as a regulator, we focus on behaviours in the market to discern emerging patterns and trends. Over the coming year, I look forward to sharing some of what interests us and to hearing your views as well.

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    James O’Halloran
    Deputy Commissioner, ATO

      Last modified: 27 Feb 2019QC 58096