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  • Super online services – June deployment update

    We have now completed the June deployment of system changes to ATO online.

    This builds on the March deployment to expand the use and visibility of data. The latest changes include:

    Displaying employer contributions for self-managed super fund (SMSF) members

    • ATO online will now display employer contributions made to an SMSF on the Fund Transactions screen.
    • these contributions will be displayed under a category type named ‘Employer Contribution’
    • this contribution category is an additional category to the four existing APRA fund contribution categories (Super Guarantee, Voluntary, Award and Salary Sacrifice).

    First home super saver (FHSS) scheme

    • FHSS Scheme released amounts and withholding tax will be captured through a new income label on an individual’s Income Tax Return
    • individuals are able to select if they have received a FHSS Scheme payment which will then allow for pre-filling with successfully released amounts using a new label on the individual’s Income Tax Return accessed via MyGov and the Practitioners Lodgement Service
    • in addition to this, individuals with a FHSS Scheme tax payable that are unable to make the payment on time in full are able to establish a payment arrangement with us
    • payment plans can be established, viewed, and maintained via this function by individuals (or their authorised intermediary).

    Resolution of duplicate checking rule

    • after our March release we discovered that some individual super accounts were interpreted by our system display rules as duplications
    • these were instances where a provider had reported more than one membership for an individual with the same account number but different Unique Superannuation Identifiers
    • as a result, our systems were not displaying all memberships correctly and some individuals were unable to see all of their super accounts
    • the June deployment sees the resolution of this issue and individual memberships now display on the Fund Details screen correctly.

    Lost member alerts

    • from 1 July 2018, APRA funds have been reporting their lost members through Member account attribute service (MAAS) instead of the previous reporting method through a lost member statement
    • when an account has been reported as lost, there are alerts that display to individuals on the fund details screen on ATO online which prompts them to make contact with their fund
    • this change is to now retrieve the lost member status from MAAS instead of the lost member statement for the purpose of displaying lost alerts on the fund details screen

    These quarterly releases allow us to undertake a range of system improvements to our online services which continue to provide individual fund members with greater visibility of their superannuation information.

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