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  • SuperStream Rollovers v3 implemented

    SuperStream Rollovers v3 (Rv3) has now been implemented and we will be removing our SuperStream Rollover v3 page on 1 September 2022.

    If you'd like to save any documents, make copies of the page, or update any bookmarks, we recommend doing so now.

    We're continuing to support APRA funds and SMSFs improve the efficiency of business to business rollovers between them by working with representatives from each sector.

    We'll provide any updates and insights via the Superannuation Administration Group and the Super and Employment Change Network.

    SuperStream Rollover v3 artefacts will remain available as follows:

    • Technical artefacts, checklists and guides at Rollover standard v3.0 on ATO Software Developers website.
    • Business implementation guides and other Standard Business Reporting artefacts at Superannuation on standard business reporting (SBR) website.
    • The SuperStream Rollovers v3 implementation and onboarding information has been reworked (noting there is no new or different information) and is now available at SuperStream Rollover v3 – supporting information on

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