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  • SuperStream release authorities

    The following reminders are to help you successfully lodge your release authority statements (RASs) via SuperStream and avoid common processing issues.

    Make sure your lodgment has been accepted

    When you receive a release authority (RA) from us via SuperStream, you have 10 business days from the date of the RA to respond. It's important to make sure your lodgment has been accepted within this timeframe, as penalties may apply for late lodgment.

    • For RAER messages, you can use the technical receipt as confirmation of your lodgment
    • For RAS messages, we'll give you a release authority statement outcome response (RASOR):
      • RASOR unsuccessful - your RAS message has not been processed due to errors. Hence your lodgment has not been accepted and you must take action to correct the errors.
      • RASOR successful - you can use this as confirmation of your lodgment. You should typically receive a response within minutes of sending your RAS to us. If you (or your gateway) haven't received a RASOR within 72 hours, contact us via the Super Enquiry Service. 

    Common processing issues

    Avoid RAS processing errors and allow us to reconcile the messages by making sure:

    • you use the same payment reference number (PRN) on the RAS payment and data message. The PRN cannot be used across multiple messages or payments and must not have been used within the previous 12 months
    • all SuperStream RAS payments are made to the ATO SuperStream bank account
    • the ATO reference ID you use in the RAS fully matches the one we sent you in the RA
    • the USI and ABN to be reported in the RAER match the USI and ABN we sent you on the RA
    • the member's tax file number (TFN) we sent you on the RA is reported on the RAS.

    What to do if the RA specifies a different account or USI to what you hold

    When an RA we send you specifies an account (member account number) that is different to an account you hold, or sits under a different unique superannuation identifier (USI), you can:

    • reject the RA, by returning an RAER with error code SUPER.GEN.GEN.21, or
    • release money from an account you hold.
      • If you select this option, you must respond with a single RAS that has the transferring/receiving member account numbers and USI that match those on the originating RA exactly.
      • If you are unable to do this, you should use the RAER option above. 


    Where an RA has been actioned and you subsequently identify the original reporting was incorrect, we are unable to reverse a release authority. This may lead to unintended consequences for your member, and you should work with them to resolve any adverse outcomes.

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