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  • SuperStream rollovers - Rollovers from and between SMSF

    The ATO has recently announced a temporary measure to assist
    self-managed super funds (SMSFs) with rollovers from a SMSF and between SMSFs.

    SMSF trustees who have encountered issues obtaining an electronic service address (ESA) may obtain agreement from us to perform the rollover outside of SuperStream.

    While the receiving fund must be able to accept an electronic rollover, the obligation to undertake an electronic rollover in SuperStream is with the transferring fund. Accepting a roll in of member benefits outside of SuperStream, where it is in the best interest of the member, occasionally occurs and this has not been altered by SuperStream Rollover version 3.

    The process is only available for rollovers from a SMSF and between SMSFs. You will not be expected to rollover to a SMSF outside of SuperStream.

    As always, we will monitor behaviour and, if necessary, reassess our compliance position.

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      Last modified: 17 Mar 2022QC 68167